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 Cricket Club -||RULES||- [must read]

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Cricket Club -||RULES||- [must read] Empty
PostSubject: Cricket Club -||RULES||- [must read]   Cricket Club -||RULES||- [must read] Icon_minitimeThu Jan 21, 2010 5:12 am

This is a CRICKET forum. Non-cricket related topics do not belong here. Please post threads dedicated to images / videos in the "Image & Videos" Forum.

Bashing Members and Opinions. You are expected to respect other members and their opinions and not get personal regardless of their nationality and gender. Don't pass judgement on their knowledge based on their religion, nationality or gender. If you cannot disagree respectfully, dont bother arguing.

Leave religion out of the equation and stick to cricket. Please do NOT bring up a cricketer's religion, his outward display of religion, or his failure to practice religion, when discussing a cricketer or potential selection for the any cricket team. Any such attempts will be removed.

One Liner Posts/Spamming. We insist you on discussing the topic at hand rather than posting useless oneliners or spamming posts that add no quality to the topic. Also off-topic posts will be deleted, and member will be warned.

]Plagiarism prohibited]. Please give credit to whose work you are posting. Also give links of source if you are posting a news.

No repetitive topics allowed. Check to see if a thread discussing your topic exists already before posting a news or article. if it's redundant, the thread will be merged into the thread already present on the subject. We would appreciate you taking your time to verify that someone has not posted it already. Otherwise, don't hesitate to start a new topic.

Bringing Back Old Topics prohibited. Topics which are either are too old , or have nothing to do with current cricket calender should not be brought back by posting a reply in that thread. You will be faced with consequences if you don't heed to the warnings.

No CAPS Lock to be used for subjects of topics. Lower case the subjects for topics and don't resort to a cheap trick like this to get people to see your thread.

No obscene language or material will be tolerated on the forum. This is a forum for all people of all ages, not all perverts of all ages. This kind of behaviour will result in suspension of user accounts or a ban depending on the severity of the case.

Talking about where to watch cricket on TV or online prohibited. Posts inquiring about cricket channels or cricket streams will be edited and members warned. Repetitive posts of such kind will lead to suspension.

Do not open threads concerning cricket stre@m |inks. They will be deleted.

Do not spam or msg the Admin or Moderators for stre@m info on MSN or private messaging. They won't be read.

Advertising other cricket sites via threads, posts or private messaging is strictly prohibited, leading to an automatic permanent ban.

)Constructive criticism is always welcome, but the moment a user starts taking shots at a moderator, we would fry them away. So if a user has an issue with a moderator, please do the following:
1. Contact the moderator in question to seek an explanation.
2. If you have been banned, you must wait your ban time before asking the question.
3. If you are not satisfied with the moderator in question, please post a thread in the feedback forum, or contact a global mod, or an admin. They will investigate and get back to you. The result may or may not be to your liking, so be aware.
Lastly, as a forum member, you are expected to know the rules of this section and abide by them. Failure to follow them can and may result in suspension or permanent ban without prior warning.
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Cricket Club -||RULES||- [must read]
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